Akhilesh Kumar Chaturvedi



Current Role/Profession


Languages Known

Hindi , English .

Profile & Introduction

A mediator and spiritual seeker, have spent a good part of the past 10 years actively Coaching and Mentoring people at mid and senior Executive levels – to anchor around their strengths, to identify and build sources of internal motivation, thereby enabling them to effectively deliver outcomes and grow their careers. Currently working with 35 facilitators to transform them as internal coaches of an insurance organization.

Motivation to join GAP Coaching programme

With my understanding and having gone through a section of program - I clearly find that I would be able to practice my spiritual believe. All of us have high potential irrespective of which section of society we come from, GAP is a platform through which I could contribute and explore the potential of human being who are deprived of opportunities to explore their potentials. Its a platform to fully explore my seva bhava (Serviceability) to fellow citizens and bring smile to their faces.

Domain/Area of focus

Agriculture Education and Skill building Livelihood and Enterprise Water, Sanitation & Energy Healthcare Financial Inclusion Any other

Experience in social change domain

My contribution has been in terms of mentoring and coaching students and executives, grooming them for higher level responsibilities.

Unique experiences and skills

Preferred location for coaching


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