Anna Lorant

Hong Kong


Current Role/Profession

Executive Coach, L& D Senior Consultant

Languages Known

English .

Profile & Introduction

I am a sezioned executive coach with background in financial services industry. I have made the shift to coaching and learning & development because of my strong passion to helping and empowering others. I have been trained with Results Coaching Systems (ACTP) neurosciences school of coaching. I found the idea of merging the art of developing people with tangible science very powerful and credible. My clients are managers and senior leaders of international organizations both profit and non-profit. I also find very important to do pro-bono work for different communities (underprivileged people, young adults for example). I am a global nomad, raised in Hungary, worked and lived in many countries in Europa and Asia. I thrive on the challenges of multicultural environment, I truly embrace diversity and I consider myself to be an idealist and a believer that together we can make the world a better place.

Motivation to join GAP Coaching programme

To support a cause that is very dear to me: (UN Millennium Goal) to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

Domain/Area of focus

Agriculture Education and Skill building Livelihood and Enterprise Water, Sanitation & Energy Healthcare Financial Inclusion Any other

Experience in social change domain

To be updated

Unique experiences and skills

Preferred location for coaching

Hong Kong

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