Tamil Nadu



Phoenix People Solutions

Current Role/Profession

Coach, Facilitator, Consultant

Languages Known

English .

Profile & Introduction

I am a HR Professional with 11 yrs of consulting and HR experience. MBA & Engineer. I am on the journey of coaching certification with LTW India's CFT Program. I have completed ICF's ACC requirement of 100 hours. I am on my own currently and work as a Coach, Facilitator and Consultant.

Motivation to join GAP Coaching programme

Coaching Social entrepreneurs and helping them achieve social change

Domain/Area of focus

Agriculture Education and Skill building Livelihood and Enterprise Water, Sanitation & Energy Healthcare Financial Inclusion Any other Tamil

Experience in social change domain

I don't have much experience in the social change area but I am willing to learn and make a contribution, however small it may be.

Unique experiences and skills

My passion for coaching; my interest in social change; and the opportunity to make a difference

Preferred location for coaching


Other comments

I am open to coaching in Tamil