Akanksha Agarwal

National Capital Territory of Delhi



Tarkeybein Education Foundation

Vision Statement

children needs to be able read n comprehend what he reads

Project Details

Tarkeybein Education Foundation accelerates the process of building reading skills in primary school children. We develop, disseminate and implement a contextual and visual (CV) reading program. We train teachers to deploy these methods and ensure 100 percent coverage in the classroom. We started in April 2016 and tested our content with 120 children from DPS Mathura Road(RTE) and Munirka Village government schools. We saw tremendous improvement in reading levels. In our baseline, only 1 percent children could read and comprehend and 51 percent could recognise alphabets. At endline, 35 percent learnt to read and 44 percent learnt to read with comprehension. In 2017-18, we will be working with 1000 students through 1. RTE program inDPS Mathura Road, 2. Reading Program within six government schools of Noida 3. After School Reading Program for Munirka Village government schools

Focus area of project

Education and Skill building

Stage of your work in poverty eradication

Firmed up the idea and rolled out in a small way

Aims to eradicating poverty

has been a Gandhi fellow since 5 yrs; she has seen gaps in education sector, children need self esteem n self belief;

Current impact of the project

there is no process outlined to help a child read. she started developing content on how to help read n build their vocabulary; help their phonetic n linguistic skills; started helping children build their own stories;

Proposed impact in future

600 children have been helped directly n indirectly, they partnering with other organisations in imparting this