Madhya Pradesh



Vision Statement


Project Details

We offer a mental arithmetic and life skills development programme for children between the age group of 6 to 14 years in Low and middle income schools. Usually in madhya pradesh people think just the academics is sufficient for their children's career but, actually not. through this initiative we try imparting some life skills like concentration, confidence, public speaking, group discussions, story writing etc. in the children of rural and semi urban towns. As of now we are dealing with around 1000 children.

Focus area of project

Education and Skill building

Stage of your work in poverty eradication

Firmed up the idea and rolled out in a small way

Aims to eradicating poverty

Coming from a lower middle class family, even which is uplifted by my father, I believe each and every human being has rights of living a life with dignity. People may born poor, that's okay, but they should not die poor, is the responsibility of one and all. It's the universal family " Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam", then we all together need to work to uplift our spiritual relatives.

Current impact of the project

The children are more confident, they are more aware of what exactly they want. They are practicing public speaking, story writing, group discussions etc. I feel that is new for children from rural or semi urban low income school's children.

Proposed impact in future

By training more people who can replicate the same model and can help us in scaling it up will help us to reach maximum number of children and with that there will be an increase in the impact.