Aditya Singh

Uttar Pradesh



Agrasar Foundation

Vision Statement

To create a pool of leaders, innovators, and social entrepreneurs who will create sustainable solutions for Rural India.

Project Details

Gaon Chaley Hum is a one of its kind endeavor to bring together motivated and inspired young adults from around the country to deliberate and work towards Rural Development. Through this initiative we wish to provide a positive stimulus to individuals who want to make a difference. We aim to connect various Student Groups, NGO’s, Social Organizations and Youth Communities to work together for a better future. The program will provide young people an opportunity to connect with the villages of India and thereby leading to the development of rural India. Today, our villages are facing several problems like illiteracy, unemployment, moral degradation, poor infrastructure and lack of access to information. In the present scenario, young people have to play a prominent role in the implementation of the developmental programs. We need to create awareness among the youth about their role in the society, thereby enhancing their capabilities in leading the country towards development.

Focus area of project


Stage of your work in poverty eradication

Experimenting / Pilot stage; Stabilising

Aims to eradicating poverty

I have always had a strong social conscience and have actively participated in various voluntary programmes. I believe the vicious cycle of poverty is the most important challenge our country is facing today. I wish to address this challenge through education and youth empowerment programmes.

Current impact of the project

Through this initiative, I have been able to connect 50 young people with rural hinterlands of India and make them conscious about development needs and challenges in rural areas.

Proposed impact in future

In order to increase my impact I will motivate and take help from students of IITs, IIMs and other premier educational institutions to take up community development projects near their campuses. I will also connect with other NGOs and Individuals working in the above mentioned areas and take their feedback to streamline and improve the programmes run by me and my colleagues. Furthermore, I will also connect with Professors - both retired and serving to get involved as mentors in the programmes run by me and other students. I would also connect with District Administration and Governments at Centre and State to align my programmes around the priority areas identified by them. Furthermore, I will integrate Social Audit and Impact Assessment - both at quantitative and qualitative level to make further improvement in my work.