Anjana Motihar Chandra





Current Role/Profession

Life and wellness coach/Freelance writer and copy-editor

Languages Known

English .

Profile & Introduction

I am a freelance journalist and published author with over 15 years experience in writing and editing. I have worked for news agencies, newspapers, magazines and publishing houses in a full time and freelance capacity in Delhi, India, the Middle East and Singapore. It was while working on a self-help book that I decided to turn my interest in human behaviour and desire to help people overcome difficulties and achieve their goals, into a profession. I did my coach training from Results Coaching Systems (RCS) in June 2010. I have been coaching since then, while simultaneously working as a freelance writer and copy-editor, first in Singapore and later in Gurgaon where I relocated in March 2014. As a coach I would like to help my coachees: • Achieve challenging goals • Build self-confidence and self-belief • Overcome limited beliefs • Overcome fear and anxiety • Overcome guilt and learn self-forgiveness • Overcome a scarcity mentality and develop an abundance mentality

Motivation to join GAP Coaching programme

I would like to contribute to the eradication of poverty in the world in whatever small way that I can.

Domain/Area of focus

Education and Skill building Livelihood and Enterprise Healthcare

Experience in social change domain

I have coached support staff (houseboy) in a multinational organisation to achieve goals such as improving his spoken and written English so that he can be more successful in the workplace.

Unique experiences and skills

I believe the strengths I bring to my coaching are my sensitivity, empathy and an understanding of human nature as well as my diverse and global outlook honed during my childhood years when I lived in countries as diverse as the USA, Zambia and Pakistan because of my diplomat father’s transferrable job. After getting married I have lived in India as well as Dubai, UAE and Singapore.

Preferred location for coaching


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